Holding Space

With Shelly Vaughn

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February 28 Update

A lot has happened since round #2 of chemo on Thursday. Thursday night Rob buzzed off my hair for me (with some “help” from the girls). It was emotional, but it was falling out and I wanted to cut it off while I felt physically ok and before the chemo side effects set in over the weekend. Friday, Trisha was here hanging out when I got the best heart-warming surprise visit from 2 of my life-long friends from PA (Megan Nagel and Carly Caruso). Never thought I would be saying that the day after chemo was one of my favorite days ever. It was beautiful outside… a nice way to get used to a bald head. We had lunch at Market District (because you all know I love that place) and looked at old photo albums from middle school. Nothing like wonderful memories (and crazy fashion photos) to get your mind off of an illness. Saturday, I got another visit from my dear friend Mindy Brisbane Vickers, and started feeling the side effects so I slept most of the day. Trisha and I already had tickets to Disney on Ice with the girls, so the wonder-woman she is somehow managed to get our 4 girls ready and packed for the show in Pittsburgh, and get me to the show while I slept in the car. I woke up for the show, then slept on the drive back home. I’m so thankful I had that time with the girls… it was a great experience. My mom brought the girls and me home where I slept away the rest of the weekend through Monday while she helped around the house and preoccupied our kids. The bone pain this time seemed a little more intense and I’ve had a harder time with nausea/eating. My fatigue has lasted longer, too, but that’s expected. I went to work for part of the day today, trying to wear my wig for the first time. Thankfully, I have amazing friends at work who help me and cover for me when I can’t last a whole day. Thank you again to everyone who has sent cards and messages and everything. I’m feeling loved; which is a much needed balance to this physical crumminess.