Holding Space

With Shelly Vaughn

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Today was the first of 12 weekly chemo treatments of Taxol. It’s supposed to be easier to tolerate than the last 2 months… I sure hope they’re right! I was nervous about the new drug and the risk of a reaction to it, but it went off without a hitch. The most common side effect of this one is neuropathy in the hands and feet. My oncologist does everything possible to keep it minimal and hopefully prevent it from being permanent. So she put my hands and feet in ice while I was getting the Taxol. It was strange, and uncomfortable- hard to relax like that. But if it helps, I’m all for it!
Another survivor friend came over tonight and it was good for my soul- relating to things only fellow chemo fighters with young kids can understand, and encouraging me by hearing of her life now after cancer. That will be such a wonderful time someday!
Rob got tickets for us to see a play in Cleveland tomorrow evening as an early bday gift for me. If you feel compelled, please pray that I feel well enough for us to enjoy the special night!
Sending love to the Caldwells in Strawpump (and those all over) as we remember my cousin’s bday who made her way to heaven after her own courageous cancer battle. So proud to share our mutual descent from that woman with a heart of gold. Love, love!



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Cover Photo


I didn’t think to tell everyone that the cover photo for this page was taken by Rob. He has such talent for photography. He went out the morning after we learned my diagnosis, to a part of the CVNP that we frequent. He took this beautifully serene photo without knowing I would even be starting this page. It perfectly represents the start of my walk- foggy; unknown yet familiar; I know what’s at the end of that path when it’s clear- it’s just hard to see right now. I love my husband!