Holding Space

With Shelly Vaughn

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February 13 Update

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know I’m doing well. Feeling more like myself today after sleeping away most of the weekend. I’m learning the balance of the meds and their side effects- like that nausea meds knock me out for a few hours. Better to sleep than to be sick though. 🙂 I so appreciate everyone’s texts and messages the day of my treatment and through the weekend. It was hard to respond to everyone, but know that I read them all and love hearing from people. My friend also started a gofundme page yesterday. I don’t know how to show appreciation for that… it’s so beyond generosity that I expected. I’m thankful to everyone who has contributed to easing the financial burden for us, and mostly for allowing us to have some sense of normalcy for our girls. Words are not enough…