Holding Space

With Shelly Vaughn


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Easter… a holiday, a nice lunch, a reason to see family, a day to remember Christ’s resurrection. Whatever today represents for you, I hope it was a lovely day for you all. This year, our circumstances meant that our plans for the day were different than usual. It started with a quick egg hunt and baskets in the morning (which almost didn’t happen because I was so exhausted last night). We woke up laughing, seeing that a curious creature opened half the eggs that were hidden outside and enjoyed a lot of Kit Kats and Reese’s. Some animal out there most certainly had a sugar rush and stomach ache this morning. We made it to church this morning as a family, though I was admittedly not feeling very well. Nothing bad- just nausea and fatigue. I came home and went directly to sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up to see that Rob had taken Liana out for a little adventure, which provided some sweet alone time for Olivia and me. When Rob and Liana came home, we heated up some delicious leftovers and played card game that a friend gave me. She gave it to me right after hearing of my diagnosis, so that I had an activity to do with the girls even when I didn’t have much energy- exactly what was needed today. We sat out on our deck, enjoying our family and the sunshine, eventually listening to the Pens game and eating snacks as the sun set. Dessert today was vanilla ice cream sprinkled with strawberry Quik. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. My cousin, Amy, taught me of this deliciousness when we were kids. And I can only imagine her smiling from heaven as she watched me eat it with my kids today. Not sure what she would think about my bald head that would match hers, but I’m guessing she’d make a sarcastic joke that would make me smile. And to top off the night, I laid with my youngest as she fell asleep wrapped in my arms tonight. That never gets old.
So although the details may not be interesting to anyone other than myself, they mean the world to me. Because this Easter Sunday had the least amount of “holiday tradition”, which allowed me to soak in the simple sweetness of laid-back moments at home. And that simplicity allowed space for the meaning of Christ’s resurrection to stay at the forefront of my mind. What a blessed day.


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