Holding Space

With Shelly Vaughn

March 8 Update

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Tomorrow is round #3 of chemo. I’ve heard it’s usually a tough one, so I’m not looking forward to it. These days/weeks are definitely like a roller coaster. The physical and emotional effects change from day to day, and a lot of the recovery is managing one side effect to the next. These last couple of days leading up to treatment are when I’m feeling best. The sunshine helped boost my spirits even more today. I had a pretty normal day at work and then got in a run this evening while the sun was still out. I’m so thankful to work with supportive, wonderful women. If you’re reading this and wondering what to pray for, I’d ask for prayers that I’m able to stay hydrated well through the weekend. And that the girls get through their “normal” weekend activities (dance, cheer, celebrations) without too much disruption. Their sweet spirits are good for the soul. :)Also, Friday is Rob’s birthday. So I’m hoping I feel well enough for most of the day to enjoy celebrating this man who is helping me through the hardest thing we’ve done together. Thanks for all the kindness and love, everyone!!

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